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Protyze Classic whey blend (isolate and concentrate)protein drink-Mocha Coffee- Pack of 2-500 gm

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About Protyze Classic :                                              FSSAI NO:  10016043001600

Protyze Protein has been our flagship product. We have served more than 10,000 customers and has been recommended by over 500+ doctors. 

The product has shown phenomenal results in various segments and is just not limited to sports.

Blend of Whey Isolate & Concentrate ( International standard),15 gm protein per serving,0 gm Sugar,Freshness In every Pack,Affordable Cost,Easy to carry and you can change the flavour weekly.



Total Serving : 8 Servings in one jar |Serving Size  : 30g serving 

                                               Nutrition Facts 
Energy                   116 kcal
Protein                  15g
Carbohydrate                  10.5g
Added Sugar                  0g
Total Fat                  1.4g
Potassium                  215 mg
Sodium                   65 mg
Calcium                   66 mg
Iron                  15 mg
Chromium                   15 mcg


The product has shown phenomenal results in various segments and is just not limited to sports but also clinical:

 Women needs extra grams of protein during pregnancy, especially from 2nd trimester.The new baby development involves new tissue generation, brain development and extra strength to hold the fetal development.At this stage you needs protein which digest fast and has high biological value.

Our post workout needs an immediate fuel to repair our cells and tissue breakdown.The product offers an optimal quantity of protein for moderate workout individuals with WPI and WPC which are high in essential aminos.

A good protein can play a very important role in diabetic people diet.An individual with especially type 2 diabetes the WPI and WPC can reduce the sugar level spike if consumed before meal.It also helps them in protecting their loss of muscle mass.
Note : Do consult your doctor before intake of product clinically.

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