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Protyze Clear whey isolate protein drink-1.38 Lbs (Coconut Pineapple)-25 Servings

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India's First Clear Whey Isolate Protein Drink - EXPLOSION OF DIFFERENCE

Protyze Clear is not your typical milkshake like protein powder. The science behind is to provide a complete refreshing and light taste to our palate. The products contains no fillers and has all natural ingredients including flavours and colours.Protyze clear is india’s first clear protein drink with 21 gms of 100% whey protein isolate and naturally occurring 4gm of BCAA. Protyze clear is also 99.9 % Lactose free, fat free and <2g carb.

Direction Of Use : Take a dry shaker and add 400 -500 ml of water as per your requirement in tanginess and sweetness. Add 1 heap scoop of the powder and shake is vigour-sly and wait for 60 sec magic to get a clear drink.

Ingredients: Whey Protein Isolate Very Fine Powder (Custom & Patent ),Fruit and Vegetable Extract For Colour, Citric Acid, Sugarfree(Sucrolose),Natural and Identical Flavours.

Number Of Serving Per Container : 25 

Serving Size : 25 grams

Note : The more you chill the drink you can find the taste getting better and better.





Nutrition Facts and Amino Acid Profiling : 

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    FSSAI NO:  10016043001600

Recepie : You can use Protyze clear in various recipes and create your own fusions.You can make popsicles with the Protyze clear. 


Customer Reviews

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Anish Baby
Amazing! Never felt so light on stomach

Amazing Taste, no bloated feeling, feels light on stomach, can be taken just like a soft drink with no added sugar, but I recommend keep two flavours with you to alternate the taste. I have been using Pineapple coconut flavour and it's tasty. They should have 60 servings package also.

Parth Sharma
clear pinnacolada taste

i am continuously using it and it has suited me being diabetic.

Rathi Patel
Soooo gooooooodddd Protein Juice

I love this Pineapple Coconut. I had first ordered their trial pack of 4 flavors and had loved it all. Pineapple coconut works the best in taste for me. I'm so fond of drinking this Protein, I make and sip it all day @ work :)

Pineapple Coconut is delicious 🤤

This protein is very clear and tasty.. I will try the other flavours as well very soon.. great product 👏

Preeti Wagh
Really refreshing 🥰

This product is amazing. Only down side is mixability. But the taste is really good. Big fan of the product!