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Upgrade Your Protein

Protyze Clear is a patent pending product proudly designed and developed in India.We need more CLEANER | NO BLOATING | LIGHT PROTEIN and we build a more enjoyable protein drink for our daily doze.

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  • Great Muscle Protein Synthesis

    7.2GM of BCAA and 12GM of EAA's in 24GM of complete protein to maximally stimulate protein synthesis.

  • 3800MG Leucine Per Serving

    Supports faster and better muscle repair and growth. Unmatched post workout protein beverage.

  • Backed By Science & In-house Research

    We have been focusing on clear protein for over 2 years with a consistent research and development.

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Still Thinking ! Try Our TASTER Trial Pack.

Clear whey isolate - Assorted flavours - Pack of 5 - with 24gm protein,12gm EAAs, 5gm Glutamine - 5 Serving