All New Clear Whey

Comes with high protein and EAAs. Refreshing new flavours

Now Your Protein Drink As Beverage !

The idea was to design and develop a refreshing protein drink which is sweet and tangy, light and clear something as chilled soft drinks or juice. Our team worked towards making this product to come up with protein powder which goes much better in taste and texture with water than our usual protein shakes.

New Look ! More Powerful and Enhanced Mixability

Protyze Classic Protein Shake

Protyze Protein has been our flagship product. We have served more than 10,000 customers and has been recommended by doctors.The product has shown phenomenal results in various segments and is just not limited to sports but have also been used clinically.

Our All Time Favourite Classic Flavour Option

Great Taste

"Amazing Product definite try recommended "

Saurabh Jain


A definite change from non milky protein shake to clear protein drink.

Vishal J