Eager to shed Lockdown calories? Try Clear Whey Protein.

Eager to shed Lockdown calories? Try Clear Whey Protein.

The unfortunate pandemic and uncertain lockdown have indeed been swallowed as a bitter pill by the people across the globe. Little physical activity with regular calorie intake have indeed added those extra unwanted pounds. 

In our last article, we discussed about the importance of protein in diet and how Clear Whey Protein by Protyze, which has been developed with extensive research, can help yoga enthusiasts, dancers, body-builders, pregnant women and people who want to lose fat, or who are into weight management. In this article, we will lay emphasis on specifically,  weight management.

Clear Whey Protein for weight loss

Santa Claus - Clear Whey Protein for weight loss

Well, that's the reaction we got from one of our initial customers. A veteran in the field of dramatics, he usually got the role of  Santa Claus, thanks to his weight management issues. He often yearned to play other roles in the drama, but that was the one which suited him. When we told him that Clear Whey Protein can help him reduce weight, he chuckled and said - "Are you kidding me?" and that's how we elucidated him, the role of protein in weight loss.

What is Weight Loss?

Weight Loss

For weight loss, it's all about Calories In vs. Calories Out. If your calories intake is more than your Calories Out-take or calories burned, you are never going to lose weight. As long as you maintain the calories deficit, and increase your protein intake, you are successfully going to strip that extra weight, regardless of what and when you eat.


Well, our Santa customer 👆 was equally surprised too!

How Protein accelerates weight loss?

Protyze Clear Whey Protein

He used to go for morning and evening walks without fail, but the slightest chance of losing weight seemed out of question. He even had a strict diet calendar, but that too didn't help, but protein drink did the trick!

Scientifically speaking this is the basic law of thermodynamics for any fat loss diet, often termed as Thermic Effect of Food (TEF). TEF states that proteins have a higher thermic effect of food(TEF) than carbohydrates, meaning that the body requires more energy to process protein than carbohydrates. Hence, when you add more of proteins in your diet, your metabolism increases and this increased metabolism helps you burn more calories around the clock, even when you are not exercising, even when you are sleeping!

Benefits of Protein

Here are some another benefits - 

  • Protein reduces appetite and make you eat less calories - Several studies have shown that increased protein intake leads to reduced appetite, which means that you are not eating those extra calories which your body actually doesn't require. Also, protein increases metabolism, which means that you are burning more calories and consuming less.
  • Protein makes you lose weight and helps you stay in shape - Losing weight is not that big a deal. What's more important is - keeping it off in the long term. Many people can go on a diet and lose weight, but majority of them ending up gaining it back, once they resume their normal diet.
  • Protein helps prevent muscle loss and metabolic slowdown - This is a really critical point - Weight Loss does not equal Fat loss. When you lose weight, muscle mass tends to lose as well. This is a side effect of weight loss you don't really want because a loss in muscle mass will lead to a reduced metabolism. In other words, you end up burning less calories than you were doing before. Protein helps you fill that void.
  • Proteins are building blocks of the body - During weight loss they help repair the tissues which are subjected to wear and tear.


Lastly, just keep in mind that calories do count. Increased intake of proteins will simply lead to higher calorie burn rate, but this doesn’t state that all days are cheat days. It’s still important to keep your cravings in control.

By the way, we can help you with your weight management woes. Check out our well researched upon product range.

P.S. – Our Santa customer finally managed to shed those extra pounds, by inducing Clear Whey Protein by Protyze and is one of our regular patrons now. Cheers!

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