Clear Juicy Whey Protein Drink | 1st time in India | Protyze

Clear Juicy Whey Protein Drink | 1st time in India | Protyze

What is Clear Whey Protein?

To understand Clear Whey Protein, let's first understand how the human body functions.

Just like bricks are the primary building blocks of a structure, similarly cells are the building blocks of human body. An average human body consists of 15 trillion cells, out of which nearly 100 billion die every day! But, it's nothing to worry about, as the cells regenerate when provided with sufficient resources, which comes from our diet.

There is an old proverbial saying - "You are what you eat" which simply means that your body reflects what goes inside. Relating it to the cell regeneration theory, an X amount of nutrition from diet, can repair Y amount of cells. If X decreases, all cells cannot regenerate, which we call as malnutrition. On the contrary, if X increases, it leads to problems like overweight, and/or, obesity, a.k.a. over-nutrition. Having said this, a balanced diet is a must, not only for health freaks, but for everyone, as cell degradation and regeneration is a universal phenomenon.

What role does protein play in diet? 

Just like cells are the building blocks of human body, proteins are the building blocks of cells. You need protein in your daily diet for your body to repair the dead cells and generate new cells. Proteins are present in all living organisms, whether small or large.

Does a healthy body means lots of proteins? 

Surprisingly NO. Excess of proteins will be converted into fat and stored in the body, which will lead to obesity. According to U.S National Library of Medicine, the average amount of protein determined to meet the nutrient requirements of 97% to 98% of healthy individuals: 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. That means that a 70 kgs. person needs around 54 grams of protein per day, while a 90 kgs. person needs around 72 grams of protein a day. 

Do we get this from our daily diet? 

Well depends, but in most cases - NO.

If you have roughly zero idea how much protein you typically eat per day, here are a few examples of the amounts you can find in some common foods: one chicken drumstick has roughly 12 grams of protein, a bowl of lentils has around 10 grams, two large eggs have 12 grams, and two tablespoons of Amul butter have 1 grams. This makes a total of 35 grams, which is not appropriate, unless you are on the extreme edge of BMI (Body Mass Index). On top of this, not to forget 100 billion cells which are dying every day and need to be repaired or replaced. Truth be told, a lot of people carry a myth that proteins are required only for muscle building. The reality is, proteins are an integral part of our daily lifestyle and are required to overcome lifestyle diseases.

Clear Whey Protein by PROTYZE


To bust this popular myth and to promote a healthy lifestyle, PROTYZE has introduced clear whey protein which is a indeed a whey isolate, however its a class apart from milky protein shakes that lead to boating, sometimes indigestion, and add to unnecessary calorie intake. The idea was to design and develop a refreshing protein drink which is sweet and tangy, light and clear something as chilled soft drinks or juice, something that can be a part of your daily healthy breakfast. 

Whether you are planning pregnancy, practicing yoga, are into muscle building, aiming for weight loss, and get a lean body, or flex your body to the dance tunes of music, you need protein.

But, why Clear Whey Protein? 

1. Flavour

Clear Whey Protein by Protyze is away from the clutter of milk based protein shakes, which lead to boating and at times, indigestion. It makes a refreshing drink with water and is sweet and tangy, just as your regular breakfast juice. It's a great way to flavour your water and infuse protein.

2. Absolutely clear drink, no concentrate residue on storage 

Unlike some drinks, which claim to be clear whey protein, Protyze drinks are crystal clear and does not leave any residue while stored. 

3. Amazing flavours 

Ever thought of relishing your favourite Jaljeera drink with the goodness of protein? Well, now you can! Protyze offers a variety of refreshing flavours - Berry blast, Mango Peach, Coconut, Pineapple to name a few. 

4. Anytime, Anywhere 

Protyze is not your "take-it-before-workout" drink. In-fact, it's a light water based refreshing drink that can be relished anytime, anywhere, with protein packed goodness at its core.

5. Exceptional customer reviews 


We are sure, that, by now, you would have understood what Clear Whey Protein is and why it is a necessity for a healthy lifestyle and not just a choice. Now let’s understand, in brief, the need and benefits of protein for the following segments - 

Role of Protein in YOGA

Yoga is a combination of physical, mental, and spiritual practices, combined with specific breathing techniques and specific exercises, called poses. A lot of mental and physical energy is involved in doing yoga poses. Furthermore, our bodies are most receptive to receive nourishment within the first 2 hours of doing such physical activity, which involves wear and tear of body cells. Hence, having a clear whey protein drink, helps nourish the body with the required protein nourishment which not only aids in repairing the torn out cells, but, also acts as a refreshment. It is anytime better than having a milk based protein drink which will undoubtedly provide protein intake, but, at the same time, also add to the body mass which you just burned out through yoga.

Role of Protein in PREGNANCY

Protein has an important role in pregnancy because it helps your baby grow and develop during the embryonic stage. it also assists in making the immune system stronger. Even though most of the protein supplements in the market are not developed keeping pregnancy in mind. Clear Whey Protein by Protyze is a general refreshing drink, that has been introduced for the first time in India and has been made, keeping pregnancy in mind. The unique flavours also help fulfil pregnancy hunger pangs, coupled up with power and numerous other benefits of protein.


Role of Protein in BODY BUILDING

As mentioned in the beginning of the article, majority of the people associate proteins with body building or mass building. However, that's not the case. A muscular body does not always imply a healthy body. A healthy body is one which has more lean mass and less fat muscle. Increased protein intake contributes to greater strength and muscle mass gains when coupled with resistance exercise, allows for greater muscle mass preservation and limits age-related muscle loss.


Protein for DANCERS


Dancing consumes a lot of energy and varied body movements indeed lead to tissue wear and tear. Taking sips of clear whey protein during your dance breaks will help your body regain muscle tissue, and add to the much required stamina. Also, protein has been known to increase muscle strength and flexibility.

 Even though, we have just covered just 4 segments where clear whey protein is uber-essential, it does not imply that protein cannot be consumed in general, as explained in detail in the beginning of the article.

Here's your primary mantra to stay fit - 

Fat can be created but can't destroyed, which simply means that one should not aim to burn fat, because fat burned without proper dietary intake will lead to a malnourished body. On the contrary, we suggest replacing fat with muscle by reducing the intake of carbohydrates and increasing intake of proteins & when you have an amazing flavoured clear whey protein drink as Protyze, you have all the more reasons to consume it and stay fit!

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At first I taught it is another blog for promotion of their product, but after reading through I realised that a through research is conducted by Team Protyze.

Thanks for the knowledge share, now I am eager to try the product first hand to realise it’s benefits.

Such an innovative product! We love it! All the best 😊


Good collection of information, never knew so much Protein had to do with our body. I have tried their Clear Whey protein, Berry Blast flavour. A must try. Awaiting to see more informative articles from your team.


Great read! Very insightful. Had known protein were building blocks but this gave a good understanding about the product. Being a yoga enthusiast, I loved clear and how it’s helped me keep my energy up!


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