Clear Whey Protein for a YOGI - Extend the benefits of YOGA.

Clear Whey Protein for a YOGI - Extend the benefits of YOGA.

The millennial diet seems to be obsessed with protein, especially clear whey protein, post workout. The relationship between muscle building and protein has been an axiom. However, as many researchers have established that protein is not only required for muscle-building, it's a tissue-building molecule, which is essential after any form of muscle straining activity. We have listed explained this in a lucid manner in our previous article.

In this article, we are going to elaborate how protein is a quintessential element in the diet of anyone who practices yoga, or a Yogi and how Yogis or people in general can check if they are getting enough protein in their diet.

Your body is made up of tissues. These tissues degenerate during any form of physical activity, and more so during strenuous physical activity, like body-building or muscle stretching activities like yoga, dance and likewise.




  1. Do you regular wake up and feel like tired and going to bed again?
  2. Do you feel fatigue picking up, halfway through your yoga practice?
  3. Do you feel the result from yoga practice is far less than you expected?
  4. Do your muscles feel sore after practicing yoga asanas?
  5. Does yoga feel like an energy draining activity, rather than an energy filled activity?
  6. Do you get cramps while practising some yoga postures?

If the answer to any one of the questions is YES, chances are you are protein-deficient.


How Clear Whey Protein can help YOGIS?


Benefits of protein in YOGA


Based on numerous research and study in the field of muscle building, Protyze has developed a non-milky, clear whey protein drink that comes in a bunch of tangy flavours like Berry blast, Mango peach, Pineapple and Jaljeera. This juicy and refreshing drink is away from the clutter of milk based protein drink that lead to bloating of the stomach and reduce efficiency. Furthermore, it is proven to help yoga practitioners in the following ways - 


1. It uplifts your energy


Clear Whey Protein


Protein are the building blocks of our muscles and help release fat-burning hormones. When you eat protein based foods, they are broken down by your body, as amino acids. Consider amino acids as the building blocks of your muscle. There is no denial in the fact that yoga requires a lot of stretching and muscle strenuous postures. This leads to degeneration or breakdown of muscle tissues and is the sole reason why your body craves carbs after a yoga session, or after heavy workout. Eating those carbs will undoubtedly fill in the void temporarily and quench your craving, however, it will do nothing good, as far as tissue building is concerned. This is where Clear Whey Protein by Protyze provides you a splash of flavour, coupled up with the power of protein for repairing those worn out cells. No wonder, you feel refreshed and full of energy, post your yoga session.


2. It intensifies your performance


Clear Whey Protein


Protein is important for muscle growth and repairing worn out tissues. When protein is sipped in between yoga sessions, it helps to repair the worn out cells, provides energy to the body, and thus intensifies your performance. Using Clear Whey Protein by Protyze, you won't feel fatigued halfway through your yoga sessions. In-fact, it will amplify your performance.


3. It Increases strength


Clear Whey Protein


Science has proven that Clear Whey Protein increases mass and strength. According to a report by Harvard Medical School, mil based protein powders are far less efficient than Clear Why Isolate. With extensive research in this field, Protyze has developed a Clear Juicy Whey Protein drink that will provide you with all the nutrients your body need to amplify your strength, with refreshing flavours for your taste pallets.


4. It promotes muscle growth


Clear Whey Protein


Consuming the right amount of protein is crucial for stimulating muscle development. Human body is a wonderful machine. The process of MPS (Muscle Protein Synthesis) is auto stimulated when you do any physical activity, but, that is insufficient for your body to repair all the out cells. Adding protein to diet accelerates MPS and leads to muscle growth. This is one reason that yoga practitioners should aim to spread their protein intake fairly evenly over varied asanas.  MPS is greater under these conditions when little protein is consumed in the morning, a bit at lunch and then at dinner.  And a bedtime drink containing about 25g of protein can help to stimulate MPS during the night and promote muscle growth, even when you are asleep. On this scientific theory, Protyze has produced miniature packs that provide just the right dosage of protein. Check out the range here.


5. It recovers your worn out muscle tissue


Clear Whey Protein


To maximise muscle recovery, aim for eating at-least 21 grams of whey protein isolate, within 45 minutes of completing your yoga session or workout. This can be obtained via on-the-go miniature packs of Protyze Clear Whey protein, which contain 21 gms of protein, and a hint of carbs (< 2 gms. to restore blood sugar levels), along with 4.2 gms of BCCA (Branded Chain Amino Acids) which boost muscle growth and enhance exercise performance. Its like a pet bottle filled with flavour, energy, and protein (21gms) for muscle tissue repair.

We are sure that with all these benefits in mind, you won't forget your daily shot of Clear Whey Protein by Protyze, developed scientifically to provide you with protein packed benefits, without the side-effects of protein powder based drinks. They come in miniature (on-the-go) packs as well as a 1.38 LBS pack, consisting of 25 servings for your complete family. 



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